Result from Folly – Match 2 Sat 14th October 2017
The warmer weather improved weights overall…but there was still a significant split between the deeps & the shallows. Luckily with 22 in the League, there are 2 sections, A section being pegs 1 to 14 & B section pegs 16 round to 30. For a good days fishing, you need to draw B section at the moment !!
Willy Da Vinci Eyre, (who’s drawing arm is becoming legendary !!), made it 2 wins on the bounce & recorded the 1st, of hopefully a few, “ton plus” weights.
Willy drew peg 25 & fished banded 6’s on the deck then shallow later on to record a great 102:04.
2nd Alex Forest, peg 20 82:13
3rd Martin Wood, peg 17, 52:03
4th Clive Fenby, peg 24, 43:02 (“it must’ve been solid” !!!! )
1st Jason Moody, peg 14, 20:04
2nd Jim Ashman, peg 10, 17:01
3rd Mark Hudson, peg 27, 13:07.
League Leaders after 2 matches
1st Willy 22 pts
2nd Alex 20 pts
3rd Shifty 19 pts
4th Pat Taylor 19 pts
5th Jarvo 18 pts.
Pully and I are off back to Art College to learn how to draw…fingers crossed we are in B section for the rest of the League.