23rd October 2021
Yesterday’s OPEN MATCH result from Folly…
WOW !!!
As was hoped, a lot of the new stockies fed really well…
1st Rich Willey, peg 20, 164lbs.
2nd Jon LeGreco, peg 27, 160lbs.
3rd Mags, peg 25, 106lbs.
4th Pully, peg 1, 71lbs
5th Robbo peg 13, 62lbs
6th Jason Moody, peg 3, 51lbs
Silvers Match result..
1st Robbo 30:09
2nd Jason 15:15.

17th October 2021
Here’s yesterday’s result from Folly…
Basically as expected, it was mega hard with very few carp feeding. With this in mind, I decided to do an optional silvers match…
The match was won by Jon LeGreco with 54lbs off peg 18. Jon had a few carp on the pole with maggot, followed by a few on the method later on.
Willy Eyre was 2nd with 34lbs off peg 23, with 4 carp, a goldfish, a tench & a nice net of silvers.
3rd was Joss Gilligan with 4 carp & a few bits weighing 22lbs off peg 25.
4th was Rich Willey with 18lbs off peg 17.
Silvers match…
1st Robbo p.15, 15:13
2nd Willy, p.23, 13:13.

Folly Open Match Result from 9th October…
Pully won, (again!! 3rd week running!!) peg 23, 86lbs.
Mike Clark 2nd, peg 20, 71lbs.
Jason Moody 3rd, peg 1, 69lbs.
Jon LeGreco 4th 56:02 peg 17.
Trev Mc 5th peg 27, 55:02
6th Rich W, 51:02 peg 25.
Open match next Saturday, please text back to book on…
“NO TEXTY.., NO FISHY”!!!! Meet 8ish, draw 8:30.
All match dates can be seen here:

Here’s yesterday’s result from Folly 3rd Oct 2021
Pully won peg 20, 58lbs.
Rich 2nd, peg 27, 48lbs.
Jon 3rd, peg 18, 44lbs.
Dennis 4th 34.08 peg 17.
Jason 5th peg 9, 33lbs.
Open match next Saturday, please text back to book on…
Call or text Robbo on 07834 275278

25th Sept 2021
Here’s Saturday’s result from Folly Lake
Pully won off peg 20…with 110lbs.
Willy 2nd with 79lbs, end peg 31.
Rich 3rd with 40lbs off peg 27, only had 1 carp & 33lbs of silvers.
Cockney Neil 4th with 25lbs off end peg 10..
weird day!!
Match next Saturday, (8.30 draw), please text me back if you want to book on. Here’s a pic of Pully with half of his catch.