Risby Park Fishing Ponds Saturday open matches start in Sept 2018. Draw 8.30, fish 10am – 4pm, pools £15 all-in. No floating baits (incl popped-up balls) free running inline method only, barbless hooks, no floating pole or bungeeing. All normal fishery rules apply. Matches run through autumn, winter, and spring until the end of April 2019. Book early to avoid missing out – places are limited.

Please text to book on… I will text back to confirm your place is booked…as per last year…”NO BOOKIE…NO FISHY”!! Cheers…

Call or text Robbo on 07834 275278

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Challenge Andy May – has he got the ‘skills’ to beat local angler Lloyd Holmes on his home water Risby Park? Watch the video below to find out what happened.

Match Result Folly 22nd Feb 2020

Here’s yesterday’s result from Folly…
We all had to battle horrific winds all day but despite an undertow of about 4 knots, the fish still fed well, especially the roach and 3-4oz skimmers.
The wind got steadily worse & having started at 13.5m Robbo had to settle for pole at 9m but still caught steadily on maggot all day for a winning 28lbs off peg 25. (All silvers barring an 8oz stockie & a brown goldfish).
2nd was Willy on peg 27 with 16lbs & 3rd was Pully on peg 31 with 14lbs.
Match on Folly next Saturday…text back to book on.

Sat 15th Feb Folly Open

Here’s today’s result from Folly…
Despite the bad weather, the lads that braved Storm Dennis had a good day’s fishing…
Especially Robbo & Pully… Robbo had 3 big perch, 1 ide, 3 roach, 2 small perch & about 30 skimmers for a winning 39lbs 6oz all on maggot on peg 27.
Pully was 2nd with 31lbs 4oz, with 1 carp, an ide, a few bits & about 25lbs of skimmers!!
All the other lads caught but didn’t weigh in as only paid top 2 today.
Bollox to Storm Dennis!!
Open match on Folly next week. Text back to book on.

Folly Open Result Sat 1st Feb 2020

Saturday’s result from Folly…
Mega windy with an unbelievable undertow made conditions all but impossible on the pole.
1st Willy, peg 6, 26:00…2 quality carp & about 6lbs of silvers.
2nd Mags, peg 31, 9:00.
3rd Robbo, peg 18, 7:03
4th Clive, peg 14 7:01…
No blanks, but VERY, VERY TOUGH going!!
Match on FOLLY again this week…text back to book on ASAP.

More info here http://risbyparkfishingponds.co.uk/open-matches/

Open Match 16th Nov 2019

The lads fished Tench Pond last Saturday…willy won with 88lbs off peg 27… tight for 2nd & 3rd with 35lbs odd a piece, but Pully just edged it, with Mags in 3rd.
Match this week, meet 8:15, text back to book on…if 8 or less we’ll be on Tench.

Saturday 19th Oct result from Folly

Saturday 19th Oct result from Folly

Saturday 19th Oct result from Folly…
Pully made the most of his 1st choice on the rover & opted for peg 20…despite a slow start, Pully caught really well from 12:30pm to the end netting 19 carp & a few bits for a great 125lbs.
2nd Willy p.25 48:13
3rd Harry p.23 47:05
4th Robbo p.14 40lbs.
Open Match this Saturday meet 8.15, draw 8.30…text back.to book on.
Call or text Robbo on 07834 275278