Saturday 3rd Nov 2018 Open Match Folly Lake Risby Park Fishing Ponds near Beverley East Yorkshire
A big THANKS to Pully to sorting the match for me…here’s yesterday’s result from Folly…

1st Pat Taylor peg 25, 108lbs pole & pellet.
2nd Willy Eyre peg 18, 78lbs on corn and waggler.
3rd Pully peg 27, 48lbs
4th Mark Hudson peg 20, 46lbs.

1st Pully 22lbs p27.
2nd Jason Moody 14lbs p.12.
3rd Neil “Londoner” p14 12lbs.
Please text to book on… I will text back to confirm your place is booked…as per last year…”NO BOOKIE…NO FISHY”!! Cheers…
Call or text Robbo on 07834 275278

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