Open Match result from the 1st Risby Open…17 fished, bright & sunny all day…if anything it was a bit too still. The bottom end pegs that produced the top weights…The winner was Harry Bignall with 85.00 off p.18. He caught a few on the deck but faired better by fishing shallow. 2nd was Roger Edmond with 69.00 off p.15. Roger had a few proper lumps with his best fish nudging 13lbs. 3rd, Robbo, P.28..57.12. 4th, Pully, P. 27, 54.12. 5th, Willy, P. 19, 53.12. 6th, Steve Pully, P.24, 52.08. Match next Sat, draw 8.30, text back to book on.