Saturday 18th September 2021
Here’s today’s result from Robbo for the Folly Lake Open Match.
Considering there was a good turnout, it fished quite well…
The weird thing is the skimmers didn’t feed, so it was “carp or bust”…
The far bank is the place to catch carp, (anywhere between pegs 14 & 20).
Willy Eyre won with 102lbs off peg 19.
He had carp to 10lbs on 6mm pellets at 14m.
Pully was 2nd with 71lbs off peg 16, similar tactics to Willy.
Rich Willey was 3rd with 61lbs off peg 24.
Trev Mc was 4th off peg 20 with 54lbs.
Jason Moody was 5th with 52lbs off peg 14.
Myself & 3 others all had about 40-45lbs.
Think the unusually warmer weather & the lack of a breeze didn’t help most anglers.
Call or text Robbo on 07834 275278 to book on.

Folly Open Match Sept 4th, 2021
14 fished…
1st Pully peg 8 73llbs.
2nd Trev Mc, peg 27, 55lb.
3rd Aaron Booth peg 14, 48lbs.
4th Willy peg 31,45lbs.
5th Paul Mansley peg 18, 38lbs.
6th Neil White peg 25, 35lbs.

Saturday’s result from Folly…28th August 2021
1st Pully, 81lbs peg 18.
2nd Willy, 78lbs peg 29.
3rd John Alexander, peg 20 74lbs.
4th Robbo, peg 16 71lbs.
5th Janis, peg 10 50lbs.
Open match this coming Saturday, text back to book on.