Folly Open match Result 5th Nov 2016 | Brŕrrr 1st proper cold weather of this year’s matches…16 fished, a few carp showed early doors, but it was hard going!! Today saw the introduction of the 1st Optional Silver Fish Pool, (£5)…10 of the lads opted to have a go…& Sod’s Law dictates that the silvers practically vanished.
Overall Match…
1st Jason Moody p.28 28lb 08oz
2nd Willy p.27 28:07
3rd Nige Roberts p.19 23:00
4th Robbo p.9 18:02
5th Steve Walker p.12 13:12
6th Carl Graham p.16 13:04
Silvers result..
Jason 7:12, Pully 4:13
Willy, 3:15.
Matches run through autumn, winter and spring until end of April 2017. Book early to avoid missing out – places are limited.
Please text to book on… I will text back to confirm your place is booked…as per last year…”NO BOOKIE…NO FISHY”!! Cheers…
Call or text Robbo on 07834 275278