With the milder weather, (as in no snow & ice !!)… I’d predicted the carp would feed & 50-60lbs would be needed to win & 40lbs to frame…luckily I was about spot on !!

Robbo won with 70lbs off peg 24. Carp to 11lbs on pellet over micros. Clive was 2nd with 53:04 off peg 26. Carp to 8lbs on corn & maggot. 3rd was Mark H. With 49:10 off peg 18. 4th Matt 44:08 peg 20 5th Patrick 41:14 off peg 28.

Jason won the silvers match with 26lbs off peg 14.

2 more matches left…text back to book onĀ 07834 275278