Much better weather than had originally been forecast but the heavy rain the night before was always going to slow sport a bit. Within a minute or two of the all-in, carp were being played all over the lake…but after an hour or so they slowed up in most areas. Pully won both the overall match & silvers off peg 26. He had 20:10 of carp & a great bag of silvers totaling 24:01…(including about 12lbs of quality perch), all on double maggot. Willy took 2nd with just short of 39:06 off peg 19 thanks to a late run of carp on the wag & corn.
1st Pully 45:12 peg 26
2nd Willy 39:06 peg 19
3rd John Belton 29:11 peg 9
4th Adder 25:12 peg 15
5th Jim Ashman 22:04 peg 7
1st Pully 24:01 P. 26
2nd Robbo 13:15 P. 11
3rd Martin Wood 13:12 P. 13
4th Adder 10:04 P. 15
5th John Fletcher 9:06 P. 28
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