Result from Folly… 7th LEAGUE MATCH

Folly Lake Risby park beverleyAt the draw, following last week’s match, no-one really knew where they fancied drawing. There were rumours that even peg 1 had fished hard during the week. One thing was certain though pegs 24 & 25 were heavily fancied, along with pegs 20 & 19. Jason Moody drew peg 25 and had a few carp.on the pole early on then swapped to the straight lead with corn to nick a few more precious carp for his winning 47:05. 2nd place went to ye olde timer Clive Fenby with 35:15 off peg 20, (it must’ve been solid  !!) In 3rd was Mark Hudson with 34::00 off peg 24. Trev Mc took 4th with 31:08 off peg 1.


1st Pully peg 17, 12:08

2nd Willy peg 13, 9:08

3rd Mike Clark peg 5, 7:04

League Leaders after 7 matches


1st  Jason 65pts (297lbs 7oz)

2nd Willy 63 pts (389lbs 14oz)

3rd Robbo 58pts (274lbs 3oz)

4th Trev 58 pts (260lbs 0oz)

5th Pat Taylor 58 pts.(230lbs 4oz)

Loads of others just a point or two behind !!

DRAW IS 8:00 NEXT WEEK…FISH 9:00 TO 3:00!!!