Folly Open Match 11th March 2017
Weather was much milder but it was too still and definitely needed a ripple on it.
The carp were few & far between, but there were still odd ones showing with some skimmers, ide and perch boosting weights. At the draw, John Belton was left tripping over his bottom lip when he drew peg 7, but thanks to some accurate casting, (to within a foot of the platform opposite), he managed to winkle out a few more carp than anyone else to win the match with 41:08. John swapped between the straight lead & method with corn & pellet. Pully took 2nd with 29:15 off peg 9. He had 18:08 of silvers to win the silvers match & 3 carp & a stockie for 11:07.
1st John Belton 41:08 peg 7
2nd Pully 29:15 peg 9
3rd Martin Wood 17:15 end peg 6
4th Adder 17:03 peg 24
1st Pully 18:08 P. 9
2nd Robbo 14:05:P. 18
3rd Willy 12:06 P. 30
4th Tom Belton 10:13 P. 13
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