17th July 2021
Open match on Folly…
Despite blistering heat, the carp still had a chew, but 99% of them were caught by “mugging”…
Rich Willey made the most of his end peg 12 and had an awesome weight of 229lbs 9oz.
2nd was Harry Bignall with 160lbs off peg 25, 3rd was Robbo with 75lbs off peg 27, 4th was Willy Eyre with 55lbs off peg 20.
There were loads of quality skimmers to be caught, but with the carp showing, you had to target them.

24th July 2021
Open Match on Folly… much cooler & cloudy all day. No fish available to mug or catch shallow today, so “proper” fishing was called for.
Robbo fished 6mm cubes of luncheon meat over micros at 6m to net 50lbs of skimmers & 4 carp for his winning 73:09 off peg 27.
2nd was Willy Eyre with 57lbs off end peg 29. Willy had a few carp shallow at 14m with 6mm pellets.
It was very tight for 3rd, but Mark Mags just did enough with 32:06 off peg 12.
4th was Nick Peat with 32lbs off peg 23.

31st July 2021
Open Match Folly… 1st, Robbo with 103lbs, off peg 23. Nearly all carp on meat & expanders.
Willy 2nd with 64lbs off peg 29.
Paul Mansell 3rd with 58lbs off peg 20 & Jon the Greek 4th with 45lbs off peg 16.