3rd January 2015, Folly Lake, 7 lads turned up, so we did a rover again… Despite the cold weather, the fish started to feed, with ide, odd carp, perch & roach all having a go. Robbo won with 28:09, off p.25, (6th choice of peg!), 5 stockies,5 skimmers, a couple of ide & some perch on wag & mag. Willy was 2nd off p.27 with 20:08, 3 carp, a few skimmers, roach & perch on wag & mag & pole @ 13m. Janis was 3rd off p.32 with 15:08 off p.32,. 5 carp a& a roach on mag feeder. Pully was 4th with 14lbs off p.1.