Risby Park Fishing Ponds Saturday open matches in 2021.

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Challenge Andy May – has he got the ‘skills’ to beat local angler Lloyd Holmes on his home water Risby Park? Watch the video below to find out what happened.

Risby Open Match 10th Feb 2024

Risby Open Match 10th Feb 2024

match result from Risby, CARP & TENCH…

Saturday 10th February

Another tougher day than hoped for most, mainly due to the excess water… again !!

In the end, it was a very tight match.

Harry Bignall won off peg 9 on Tench with approx 8lbs of skimmers & 3 carp for a level 33lbs. Harry caught the carp long down the inside line to his left on corn.
Robbo was 2nd with 31lbs off peg 27 on Tench.
He caught 6 carp on the method, fished tight across to the peg 3 platform and a handful of roach on maggot from the nearside tree.
Pully was 3rd with 26:03 off peg 3 on Carp Pond.
Pully had a few small stockies totaling 2:09 and a superb net of roach totalling 23:10.
1st Harry 33:00
2nd Robbo 31:00
3rd Pully 26:03
4th Rich Willey, 24:13, peg 19 on Tench.
5th Matt Waites, 23:01, peg 23 on Carp.
6th Mike Cayton 22:08, peg 7 on Carp.

1st Pully 23:10
2nd Mike C, 22:06
3rd Matt W, 16:12.

Risby Open Match 27th Jan 20224

Risby Open Match 27th Jan 20224

Open Match on Tench & Carp Ponds.
This week’s open saw milder, but windy conditions which made things tough for the majority of the lads fishing the pole.
Thankfully for Robbo, who was on peg 12 on Tench Pond, the wind wasn’t too much of a problem as he’d decided to fish the waggler tight to the dam wall.
Robbo started with corn on the hook, fished at full depth and was rewarded with an early mirror carp of approx 6lbs.
This was followed by 3 more decent carp in the next hour or so, but things slowed up after that.
A non productive hour on the pole forced Robbo back on the waggler and despite losing 3 more foul-hooked fish, he added 4 more carp together with 4 roach for his winning total 55lbs 7oz.
Harry Bignal took 2nd with 48lbs 1oz from peg 31 on Tench. Harry had a few decent carp on the tip and a couple on the pole at 16m.
1st Robbo, 55:07, peg 12 on Tench.
2nd Harry Bignall, 48:01, peg 31 on Tench.
3rd Pully 21:02, peg 25 on Carp.
4th Willy Eyre, 16:07, peg 3 on Carp.

Silvers Match,
1st Willy Eyre, 16:02 of roach.
2nd Matt Waites, 10:05, peg 23 Carp.
3rd Geoff Boycott, 6:11, peg 11 on Tench.

Risby Open Match 10th Feb 2024

Risby Open 6th January 2024

Saturday 6th January Risby Open on Tench & Carp.

Despite the promises of dryer and more settled weather for this week’s open match, the lakes were still carrying 6 inches of flood water and a colour more like the Humber than the usual colour of a freshwater lake.

This clearly had an effect on the carp’s appetite as they were few and far between for the anglers.

Mark (Mags), Magaharan had a rare win with a very respectable 21lbs 10oz off peg 1 on the Carp Pond.

Mags fished the pole with maggots, corn & expanders to catch mainly carp ranging from 3oz to 3lbs.

In a nail-biting photo finish, Steve (Pully) Pulford was next door on peg 3 at 21:08. Pully used maggots on the pole and had a game plan to catch as many silvers as possible. He’d aimed for 10lbs, but thanks to some bonus skimmers and a much bigger stamp of roach, he amassed a fantastic net of ‘silvers’ totalling 18lbs 3oz. Thus was boosted by a carp and a small stockie totalling 3lbs 5oz, to finish agonisingly close with 18lbs  8oz.


1st Mags, peg 1  Carp,  21:10

2nd, Pully, peg 3 Carp, 21:08.

3rd Boyx, peg 11 Tench,  18:13.

4th Dave Sharp, peg 16 Carp, 15:09

5th Matt Waites, peg 18 Tench 10:14.


1st Pully 18:03

2nd Boyx 11:05

3rd Matty 10:15

4th Robbo 9:08, (peg 16 Tench).

Open matches EVERY Saturday, and are currently being run on The Tench and Carp Ponds… for more information contact Robbo on 07834 275278.

Folly Open 18th Nov 2023

Folly Open 18th Nov 2023

Folly Match today…

Despite having a load of new stockies put in on Thursday 14th November, nothing could’ve made up for the torrential downpour on the Friday night into the early hours of Saturday morning.

As a result of this, it was much tougher than expected…

The rain had been so intense, the water level actually rose by 2 inches during the match!!

Thankfully the new stockies fed fairly well all over the lake, along with the odd resident carp and a few skimmers and roach.


1st Dave Sharp, peg 25, 42lbs 5oz.

2nd Joss Gilligan, peg 14, 37lbs 4oz.

3rd Robbo, peg 27, 34lbs 9oz.

4th Rich Willey, peg 31, 33lbs 6oz.


1st Joss, 11lbs 3oz

2nd Willy Eyre,  peg 18, 7lbs 7oz.

3rd Rich Willey, 7lbs 6oz.It’ll fish its nuts off if we have a few days dryer weather.

Folly Open 11th November 2023

Here’s today’s Risby Open Match Result…

Saturday 11th November…
It was a mega hard day on Folly today…
Only 13 hardy souls turned up to fish this week’s”pegged rover”…
Yet again, Robbo cursed his luck at the draw bag with pick No.1 & pick No.11 left in the bag… only to pull out 11th pick for the second week running !!
The very chilly weather meant it was always going to be a tough match and Robbo decided it was going to be a maggot on the pole job & fish for “anything that swims”…
Robbo fished 2 lines at 14.5m, (one at 10 o’clock and the other straight in front), feeding maggots and dampened down micros “little & often”.
Robbo caught a goldfish & a small ghostie, plus a couple of decent skimmers & a rake of roach for 17:06 & a 3rd consecutive win !
Nige Roberts took 2nd place on peg 25 with an all silvers bag totalling 15:09. Nige also fish maggot on the pole and had mainly skimmers and a few roach at 9m and 13m.

1st Robbo, peg 14, 17:06.
2nd Nige Roberts peg 25, 15:09.
3rd James Marshall, peg 18, 15:06
4th, Pully, peg 20, 14:00.

Silvers Match
1st Nige Roberts 15:09
2nd Robbo 12:08
3rd Pully 7:10.

Hope it warms up a bit for next week’s open!!