Lovely, mild & still day but there had been a sharp frost overnight which seemed to slow the carp down a bit. Today’s winner was Pully who despite not being happy with his peg 3 draw, was one of the lucky ones to catch carp steadily on the pole at 16m with pellet. As the day wore on, odd carp started crashing tight across but the tip wasnt working, so an inspired swap over to the waggler proved to be the right tactic as he put several carp in his net in the last hour or so to win with 68:13.
Adder took 2nd with 46:04 off peg 19, including a mirror of about 14lbs.
With Pully bagging up on carp Tom Belton took the silvers top spot with 17:00 off peg 17.
1st Pully 68:13 P. 3
2nd Adder 46:04 P. 19
3rd Robbo 43:04 P. 1
4th Mark Mendoza 23:02 P. 5
1st Tom Belton 17:00 P. 17
2nd Willy Eyre 13:13 P. 13
3rd Jim Ashman 8:05 P. 27
4th John Belton 7:00 P. 11
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