Only The Brave!Result from Risby, (Folly) 11th Feb 2017
It was bitterly cold with rain & sleet throughout the day, temperatures never got above 2 degrees all day! The only surprise was that the Folly was free of ice !?!? The match saw a couple of “firsts”… this was the first match that resulted in a couple of blanks & despite everyone’s best efforts this was the first match were not one single carp was landed !! Keith Fisher won with 10:08 off in-form peg 13. Keith had a slow start but caught steady later on with maggot on the pole to take some nice skimmers, perch & roach. Result:
1st Keith Fisher P. 13 10:08
2nd Robbo P. 28 6:14
3rd Tom Belton P. 30 6:00
4th John Fletcher P. 11 5:12
5th Adder P. 15 4:11
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DRAW 8:30 !!!! Call or text Robbo on 07834 275278