1st Open Match 2017 Happy New Year to everyone… Folly was frozen a lot worse than first thought so the 9 lads that stayed had a knock-up on Tench Pond – which was still frozen but nowhere near as thick. It was a rover & no surprise that Willy got 1st choice, but Pully did the biz off peg 14 having found a shoal of the new stockies to romp home with 40lbs !! Other than Pully’s weight it was a good tight match, with NO BLANKS! 1st P14 Pully 40lbs. 2nd P27 Willy 9:10. 3rd P16 Gary Shep. 8:04. 4th P17 Adder 7:15. Match next Saturday as normal on Folly…text back to book on ASAP.