Saturday 6th April 2024… Risby Open Match on Folly Lake.

Overnight heavy rain and the threat of Storm Kathleen had the lads quaking in their boots at the prospect of a challenging day.
Luckily, though, the weather wasn’t as bad as expected for the first few hours of the match.
Willy Eyre continued his great form at the draw and pulled out first pick. Willy opted to fish end peg 7, (which surprised quite a few!).
Willy set off on his trusted hybrid feeder cast tight across to land 10 quality carp, including a lovely mirror estimated to weigh 16lbs+, together with a few silvers. Willy finished with another cracking weight of 80:14.
However, this was only good enough for second, as finally Robbo got a decent peg, having pulled out 4th pick.
Robbo opted to fish peg 20 and as usual, had everything but the kitchen sink rigged up.
He started on the method, with micros and a 6mm wafter. This produced 3 small carp of approx 4lbs a piece. He then had a few on the waggler with a 6mm pellet set at 3 feet deep.
The wind at this point was increasing, but still not too severe, so he moved onto the pole at 16m towards the dam wall.
This line was absolutely solid, with a carp every put in, eagerly devouring his corn hookbait. Sadly though, with 2 hours of the match remaining, Storm Kathleen hit… and hit hard !!!
It was impossible to hold the pole more than 5m, so a change of plan was needed… not just for Robbo, but for everyone fishing the match.
Whilst a few more fish were caught, it was inevitable that the best of the day’s sport had passed. Robbo did manage a few more carp off his short inside line and won the match with the season’s best weight so far of 109:09.
Pully took 3rd spot with 79:07 off peg 27.
Pully’s total included a superb net of skimmers, which was also a season’s best “silvers” bag totalling a fantastic 64:04 !!
1st Robbo 109:09, peg 20.
2nd Willy Eyre, 80:14, peg 7.
3rd Pully, 79:07.
4th Roger Edmond, 55:03, peg 11.
5th Tim Burton, 50:03, peg 25.
6th Mags, 47:12, peg 23.
Silvers Match
1st Pully 64:14
2nd Rich Willey, 33:12, peg 29.
3rd Roger, 31:00, peg 11.
4th Nick Peat, 22:11, peg 31.

Match next Saturday (13th April), for further info / to book on, contact Robbo on 07834 275278.