Saturday’s match result from Folly…
A cold, occasionally wet and quite windy day looked like the fishing may suffer a bit, but thankfully the Folly still fished really well… Especially for Tony Ward and StePHen Pulford on corner pegs 23 and 20 respectively.
Tony caught steady throughout the day ending up with a lovely net of carp ranging from a few ounces to 9lbs.
His total winning weight was 109lbs.
Pully was runner-up up with 93lbs and had to rely on catching 25lbs of silvers, (including 4 nice ide, a load of roach, a few skimmers and a big perch), to boost his weight and keep the bites coming.
3rd Robbo 56lbs, peg 9.
4th Willy Eyre 52lbs, peg 7.

Silvers Match
1st Robbo 32lbs, (all skimmers, ranging from 8oz to 2.5lbs on corn over micros).
2nd Pully 25lbs.
3rd Rich Willey 23:08, peg 29.
4th Mike Walker 23:02, peg 3.