Risby and Westlands Lakes Winter league.

Round 3, Sunday 5th Nov.

The Folly Lake

After Saturday’s heavy rain, everyone feared the worst for Round 3.

Sadly the fears were realised as the Lake had risen by approx 10 inches overnight and every peg was under water.

The water was a horrible, muddy, chocolate colour, so a really tough grueller was on the cards, with the only positive thoughts coming from Robbo’s Open Match the previous day.

A big well done to Nick Butler with a very respectable 65-09 lbs. Nick had  all his fish on  all the pole at 13m using dead maggots on the hook.


1st Nick Butler           65-09, peg 12.

2nd Wayne Tuttle       37-09, peg 29.

3rd Joss Gilligan          36-09, peg 25.

4th Sean Blowman     23-09 , peg 13.

5th Ian Jones               16-09, peg 20.

6th Les Harrison          12-04 , peg 18.